Brush Popper

This is me playing around with some metal in the middle. I was going for a tulip look. This isn't the standard version but is the one I built and took pictures of. You can get yours more standard or we can talk about a design you would like to add.

Specs: Rotating Perch

Metal used: 304 stainless steel

Body: 3/8 inch rod, the rubber is slightly loose on 3/8 inch. It shouldn't effect anything but please be aware when ordering. Rotating perch

Height: Right around  15 3/4 inches from the top of the rubber to the base

Width: Right at 15 3/4 inches wide

Rubber Topper: 1 1/2 inch (I can put a 2 inch rubber on them as well, the dimensions may change slightly to accommodate the longer rubber top)

Base: 3/16 in stainless steel plate. Wide enough to get a shoe edge on to get it into the ground. I can build these with a larger plate too.

Stinger: 9 3/4 inches long made up of 1/2 inch rod. 

Notes: You can order these with rubber tops of unwrapped and the price goes down $25. My perches are hand made and the dimensions may vary slightly from perch to perch.

Custom: I can mix things up a bit if you want a little taller perch (or shorter) or a different cross bar or would like to purchase one unwrapped that you wrap at home. If you have a specific need please contact me to see what I can do for you.

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Brush Popper


The one offered for sale here is the tulip design. I did make a couple errors on this one like the ring being a little more out of whack (nothing to do with strength just looks) and I used 5/16 rod above the neck instead of 3/8 so it's just a little off. This one has been discounted $20.


Brush Popper, this perch is for your tiercel gos (yes I know you purists will knock me for applying tiercel to a gos. sorry) (not sorry) on down to the coops. Built a little lighter for the mid-sized hawks but just as durable it accommodates those little brush poppers we all know and love. If you’re looking for something between micro and red tail, well, this just might be your perch.

I Wish You Happy Hawking 

And ManyWonderful Adventures.

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