Harris Hawk


Metal used: 304 stainless steel

Height: It sits about 9 1/4 inches from the ground to the top of the perch. The bird will sit higher once you wrap the perch.

Width: Just over 16 inches

Base: 1/2 rod spikes, 9 inches long

Perching Surface: 9 inches wide. This is wider than what the Coulson's do and your perch can be built to accommodate their dimensions. I do not wrap these at this time. In the future I hope to offer wrapped Harris' Hawks.

Ring: 3 1/2 inch inside diameter

Notes: This is similar to what the Coulson's suggest in their book. It is a little larger and I can make ones very similar in dimensions to theirs and will get those listed soon I hope. Again check out their website if you plan to fly a Harris' Hawk  http://www.coulsonharrishawks.com

This is perch is a little wider than the Coulson's perch that they give specs to in their book. I can make others of similar dimensions to theirs to suit your needs and the size of your hawk. I think I just wrote down the numbers wrong while I was bending this one up. lol

If you plan to fly a Captive bred Harris' Hawk, or trap one, I would highly recommend their book. Here is a link to their website: 


Harris' Hawk

Harris' Hawk, this perch is based on the Coulson design that they specify in their wonderful book. They believe it is one of the safest perch designs out there and works extremely well for for the captive bred Harris' Hawk. Or any other hawk for that matter. If you're looking for a good safe perch, this is your perch.

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