Metal used: 304 stainless steel

Height: Just over 5 1/2 inches from the ground to the top of the perch

Width: 18 7/8 inches wide

Base: 1 inch rods are just over 10 inches long

Rubber Topper: 1 inch

Notes: The base is made up on 1 inch rods that are 10 inches long to provide stability and weight to the perch. The bar running between the base is 3/8 inch. It comes with a lite weight ring built big enough to go up and over the rubber top. The rubber top is somewhat loose and can either be left alone or glued into place. There is a slight lip between the rubber and the metal that shouldn't be an issue but that I want you aware of before you order this perch. 

Custom: I can mix things up a bit if you want a little taller perch or a cross bar or would like to purchase one unwrapped (Save $15) that you wrap at home. If you have a specific need please contact me to see what I can do for you.


K-Bow is a great indoor/outdoor perch that is easy to move and will suit your micro raptors needs very well. It is a great all in one solution. It can be used to keep that little guy in the house for manning then moved to the yard for weathering. With ease. 

I Wish You Happy Hawking 

And ManyWonderful Adventures.

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