Brush Popper

Brush Popper, this perch is for your tiercel gos (yes I know you purists will knock me for applying tiercel to a gos. sorry) (not sorry) on down to the coops. Built a little lighter for the mid-sized hawks but just as durable it accommodates those little brush poppers we all know and love. If you’re looking for something between micro and red tail, well, this just might be your perch.

Fat Bottom Girl

Fat Bottom Girl, this perch makes the hawkin’ world go ‘round. She’s a little wide on the backside on purpose. We designed this perch so that you can leave your bird and not ever have to worry about it straddling the perch. All our perches are made to minimize straddling provided you match the hawk to the perch and keep your jesse length reasonable. But if you need just a little extra confidence she’ll take good care of your hawk.


Skookum, this perch is named after the essence of what a hawk (or falcon) is: strong, brave, impressive. Built as strong as your hawk this perch is a great go to. It’s the right size for just about anything tiercel goshawk or bigger (yes I know you purists will knock me for applying tiercel to a gos. sorry) (not sorry). This perch has nice clean lines and I have sold several and folks seem to like them. So if you just can’t decide and are looking for a good go to perch, this is the one.


Tall Boy

Tall Boy, this perch allows your hawk to kick back and survey his domain. It’s built taller and has nice lines. The Tall Boy gets your bird up off the ground and puts him up high where he belongs. He is to be feared and respected and this is his throne. He is a predator and a killer and rules the forest. Why not put him on a perch that reflects his royalty?


Mother of all Perches.

M.O.A.P, this perch is the bomb. Why not have the biggest damn perch at the meet? BOOM, you have arrived! More or less Eagle sized this perch will hold a giant Red Tail or 200-pound man. Whatever. The Mother Of All Perches is the biggest perch we make, at the moment. So if you like lifted trucks, big tractors, wolf sized dogs and your bird has an attitude as big as this perch… well this just might be the one for you.

Trad Bow

Trad Bow, this perch kicks back to the traditional style with a modern flare. This is a great utility perch to achieve your perch needs. It's old school and it works. Check it out!

Harris' Hawk

Harris' Hawk, this perch is based on the Coulson design that they specify in their wonderful book. They believe it is one of the safest perch designs out there and works extremely well for for the captive bred Harris' Hawk. Or any other hawk for that matter. If you're looking for a good safe perch, this is your perch.

I Wish You Happy Hawking 

And ManyWonderful Adventures.

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