The perch pictured here is not the standard design for this perch. Usually it will just have one bar from the neck to the top cross bar. I was just having fun with the metal and wanted to do something a little different here.

Specs: Rotating perch

Metal used: 304 stainless steel

Body: 9/16 inch rod, yeah it's big! 

Height: Right at 27 1/2 inches tall from the base to the top of the perch.

Width: Right at 23 1/4 inches wide

Rubber Topper: No top, this is a self wrap only

Base: 5 1/2 inches across of 1/4 inch stainless plate. It's heavy and durable enough to jump on to get that stinger in ground thats a little more solid.

Stinger: 17 1/2 inches long made up of 5/8 inch rod. It's built tough.

Notes: This is a very big perch. Large Eagle sized. It also has a larger ring to for grabbing with gloved hands. 

Custom: I can mix things up a bit if you want a little taller perch (or shorter) or a different cross bar or would like to purchase one unwrapped that you wrap at home. If you have a specific need please contact me to see what I can do for you.

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Mother of all Perches.

M.O.A.P, this perch is the bomb. Why not have the biggest damn perch at the meet? BOOM, you have arrived! More or less Eagle sized this perch will hold a giant Red Tail or 200-pound man. Whatever. The Mother Of All Perches is the biggest perch we make, at the moment. So if you like lifted trucks, big tractors, wolf sized dogs and your bird has an attitude as big as this perch… well this just might be the one for you.

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And ManyWonderful Adventures.

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