Trad Bow


Metal used: 304 stainless steel

Height: Right around 24 inches tall for total height with a ground to top of the perch height right around 16 inches.

Width: Right at 34 inches wide

Base: 1/2 rod, just over 9 inches long with chisel points ground in

Body: 1/2 rod

Rubber Topper: 2 inch (I can put a 3 or 1 1/2 inch rubber on them as well)

Ring: 3 1/2 inch inside diameter

Notes: On the perch above I put a little reflex near the base of the perch. It serves no real purpose that I am aware of other than it kind of gives it a cool look. I'm a traditional archery hunter and the reflex reminds me of a trad bow. You can also purchase this perch unwrapped for $25 less.

Custom: I can mix things up a bit if you want a little taller perch (or shorter) or a cross bar or would like to purchase one unwrapped that you wrap at home. If you have a specific need please contact me to see what I can do for you.

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Trad Bow

Trad Bow, this perch kicks back to the traditional style with a modern flare. This is a great utility perch to achieve your perch needs. It's old school and it works. Check it out!

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